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adjective: a term used to describe a baby born following the loss of an infant or pregnancy

Rainbow babies and mothers are courageous and unique. This moment in a family's journey is precious, yet rarely talked about. The Prism Project invites you to take part in the creation of something beautiful that you can cherish for generations to come. We are collecting photography and stories of rainbow babies and their mothers so that we can: 

  • Share your journey with others who need inspiration and encouragement.

  • Celebrate your experience and strength through this season

  • Create a final book that captures these diverse stories to treasure forever.

Will you join us?

rainbow baby : reyn-bow bey-bee: 

“These rainbow photos made me cry. These are so so special to me. I cannot thank you enough!”

-Hunter Premo

We'd love to meet you!

If you are a Rainbow mother or are expecting a Rainbow baby, or if you've been affected by infant or pregnancy loss, you may be a fit for our project. Participation is voluntary and at NO COST to you, with options to purchase the photos for yourself. 


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